Eat Right, Lose Fat,
Get Fit, Live Well!

Making health your priority today gives you better hope for tomorrow. When you have your health, you have everything.

Nutrition Plan

6 Week Weight Loss Plan
  • Free Coaching and Support
  • No Guilt, No Fail
  • Real Food, Real Life.

The Gut/Brain

  • Improve Mental Health
  • Build a Healthy Immune System
  • Remove Household Toxins

Lose Fat, Build Muscle
and Get Fit!

  • Fitness Program- Fat Loss
  • Fitness Program- Build Muscle
  • Sports Nutrition/Recovery

My Story
Debbie Dankelson

Hello!  My name is Debbie and I’m excited that you’re here!  I have struggled with my weight since my early 20’s.  I had my first child at 27 and then had 3 children in 3 years.  During that time, I developed a serious thyroid disease which added to my weight issues.  Throughout the past 25 years, I have lost weight only to gain it right back……time and time again.  I never learned how to change my mindset and lifestyle and I never learned why I gained weight so quickly.  R3 is different.  With R3, I’m able to eat real food and am learning more about nutrition and why my attempts always failed in the past.  I have always heard that it’s inevitable that you will gain weight during menopause.  I’m 53, losing weight and gaining my life back!

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