Create The Lifestyle You Really Want

Go Green ~ Work From Home ~ Achieve a Better Quality of Life

Create a Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier Household
With Effective, Cutting-Edge Wellness Products

Take a look in your cabinets. Chances are you have cleaners, detergents, and personal products with harmful ingredients. Replacing products you buy at the grocery store containing chemicals toxic to your home, family, and the environment can be accomplished immediately with a simple shopping decision. Live Total Wellness gives you access to the largest, exclusive online shopping club in North America that manufactures over 500 wellness products for almost every category you can think of at prices that fit within your budget.

Work For Yourself, Full or Part-Time

Achieve Financial Independence
Balance Work and Family Life As You See Fit

The health and stability of personal finances is a very important aspect of overall wellness in life. Those who make the most financial progress are often entrepreneurs who start their own businesses. Live Total Wellness provides an opportunity for the average person to start a business with no risk, mentored training, and unlimited income potential.

Partner with a 30+ year old company in a multi-billion dollar industry that has a proven track record of helping people create wealth on their own terms. Work for yourself generating residual income that will allow the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with your family doing the things you love.

Better living starts with two simple choices:

Shop as a customer.

Simply switch stores where you purchase your day-to-day products for household cleaning, medicine cabinet, weight loss, sports nutrition, healthy foods, and personal care. It’s the same dollars, better spent. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re making a healthy, positive change for yourself, your family, and the environment.

Supplement your income
opening accounts.

Whether you’d like to make enough recurring monthly income to pay for expenses like utilities and groceries, or you seek to replace and exceed your current salaried income, we give you access to all the tools you need to get up and running quickly. You’ll have the full support of an experienced team that wants you to succeed!

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