Eat Right, Lose Fat,
Get Fit, Live Well!

Making health your priority today gives you better hope for tomorrow. When you have your health, you have everything.

Nutrition Plan

6 Week Weight Loss Plan
  • Free Coaching and Support
  • No Guilt, No Fail
  • Real Food, Real Life.

The Gut/Brain

  • Improve Mental Health
  • Build a Healthy Immune System
  • Remove Household Toxins

Lose Fat, Build Muscle
and Get Fit!

  • Fitness Program- Fat Loss
  • Fitness Program- Build Muscle
  • Sports Nutrition/Recovery

My Story
Live Total Wellness Administrator

Meet our dedicated team. We are a group of consumers that actively took the health and safety of our families into our own hands. We are passionate about helping others become informed about ways they can make small changes in their lives that result in positive benefits in their short term and long term health. We would love to help you in reaching your goals of improving your health and the health and safety of your family! If you are passionate about helping others, we offer that opportunity as well! We can’t wait to meet you!

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